Held So Close

Jonathan Nicholson’s 8th album, Held So Close, features never-before released original recordings from his private collection. All 7 songs on this EP focus on the theme of family, relationships, and personal connections.

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…they were evenings like no other

…they were evenings like no other is Jonathan Nicholson’s 7th album. It is a live album, with performances recorded in several cities, and is comprised of both older songs and previously unreleased material that Jonathan often performs. This album has become a huge hit with both fans old and new alike, and is very representative of Jonathan’s current live sound.


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Between These Stars

Between These Stars is the 6th album from guitarist Jonathan Nicholson. Not originally conceived as a cohesive album, it is the result of several different recording sessions over a period of 5 years. Jonathan took his favorite songs from that time period, and released them as a free, 19 song download via SoundCloud. It ended up becoming a hit with fans, with numerous downloads ranging across 27 countries. Jonathan currently performs many of these songs live, at the request of fans.

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Calliope’s End

Calliope’s End, the 5th album by fingerstyle guitarist Jonathan Nicholson, this is a collection of pieces from the first three albums that have been re-written and re-recorded to reflect where he is now, and how this material has evolved over the years.


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Sojourn, the 4th album by fingerstyle guitarist Jonathan Nicholson, is a unique blend of delicate, soothing melodies, subtle undertones, and an understated yet advanced technique. His signature sound is evolved further through his unique approach to harmonics and a love for exploring altered tunings, as well as his ability to draw the listener into a very personal, introspective and reflective space.


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